About us…

It all began back in February 2020 with a Round Table discussion. Some of the heads of your local gyms were passionate about cultivating a group of ninjas proud to represent their state. With 9 gyms in North Carolina alone and many down in South Carolina, it was a mission worth exploring. We had the enthusiasm to build something big… the ideas to strengthen the community and the plans to grow the sport of ninja – and they all burst from the minds of some pretty great leaders of your local gyms!

Welcome to the Ninja Carolina League!

The Ninja Carolina League (NCL) is a league for Beginning and Advanced Ninja Warrior athletes of all ages in the Carolinas.  The season will run from September to mid-April with finals the last weekend of April to determine its champions. 

Think local, think support, think community…think ALL THINGS NINJA!


At the beginning of each season, athletes will determine which division (gender/level/age class) they will compete in and must compete in that division for the entire season

For a more detailed explanation on division breakdowns, please see the NCL Rules Handbook.

If you aren’t sure which division you should choose, please try our NCL Division Selector questionnaire.


The NCL will have male and female, and beginner and advanced levels in the following classes (based on age as of January 1 of the year the season ends):

  • 7U (6-7)
  • 9U (8-9)
  • 11U (10-11)
  • 13U (12-13)
  • 15U (14-15)
  • Adult (16-39)
  • Masters (40+)
  • Pro (14+) – This *OPTIONAL* level is placed in hopes that the amazing ninjas within NCL community will choose this option to allow for growth within our advanced level. ***New for Season 4***

Competitors in each division (gender/level/class) will be awarded points based on the standard league standing scoring system.


NCL will follow the NCL Rules handbook.


Athletes may compete in as many regular season competitions as they desire.  Their THREE BEST PERFORMANCES will determine their standings in their division (gender/level/age class) of the league. At each NCL regular season competition, a league point total is awarded based on how the ninja places overall at the end of the competition in their division. The most league points will be received for 1st place overall in each division, the least amount of league points will be awarded to the last place finisher in all overall division.  For a more detailed explanation, see the league standing scoring system

In order to qualify for finals, an athlete will need at least 160 league points.